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"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
- Benjamin Franklin

For Sales and Support Call (972) 971-5965

Vape Hub Canton Flavor Factory and Glass Gallery

680 W. Dallas St., Suite #5
Canton, TX 75103
Ph: (972) 971-5965
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm, Closed Sunday and Monday

Delectable hand crafted gourmet flavorings and eliquids meets connoisseur curated hemp derived products and locally blown glass.

We are family owned and operated with over a decade in business here in Canton. Justin and Erin, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 2024 raised three beautiful children in Canton. Love and support of our local community is a core value of our business. This is expressed through a patient and educational customer service process that meets customers where they are.

Our prices are the best in town, and they always will be. 

Company History

VapeHub was started in 2014 by Justin Simmons. The idea started brewing when a friend turned him on to an eGo refillable system and home made Cinnamon Red Hot eLiquid. After smoking for 25 years, the idea of quitting became instantly possible, and even preferable. The flavor was incredible, bringing back memories of the soft cinnamon candy in movie theaters. 

Tired of his career as a website developer and marketing manager, Justin began researching entry into the new and burgeoning vape industry. The first step was to create a flavor menu of his own. This was fun. The internet, especially reddit, was ripe with diy vape recipes. He ordered thousands of dollars worth of flavorings, pg, vg and hardware then went to work in his living room creating and testing the initial set of VapeHub flavors. Several months were spent developing the first web site, and on January 1st of 2014 it all went live.

It didn't take long before the business began to take over the house, so the company rented a space on the outskirts of town for $300/mo. and the first VapeHub brick and mortar store was born. These were very humble beginnings, but during the short time we were there, many friends and customers were made who still visit today.

Several months later the company moved to it's current location at 680 W Dallas St. 

The company enjoyed success for many years and expansion seemed logical. Locations were opened in Sulphur Springs, Athens and lastly, Denver CO.

During the Denver expansion Justin was spending most of his time in Colorado learning borosilicate lampwork, a form of glassblowing which is commonly used for making elaborate and durable smoking accessories.

Eventually the Athens store was closed due to low sales and the Covid economy killed the other 2 struggling stores in Sulphur Springs and Canton. Justin returned to TX with his family in November of 2020 and gradually took over day to day operations at the Canton store.

What used to be a regular vape shop is now a blend of highbrow glass art created by Justin and friends, along with the fantastic and now growing flavor selections, disposable vapes, delta products, cbd, smoking accessories and other art by locals such as Flying Eye Glass, TTree Glass, Matty White Glass, Stoned Pony Glass, Noble Glass,, TieDyeGuy, Neon Hippie Charm, Dallys and Paintings by Erin.

We're so happy to be here in Canton, TX

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VapeHub, Inc.
680 W. Dallas St., Ste 5
Canton, TX 75103
(972) 971-5965