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"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
- Benjamin Franklin

For Sales and Support Call (972) 971-5965

Our return policy for items purchased in our retail stores differs from our Online Return Policy.

30 Day in Store Warranty:
Vape Hub warranties certain items, for a period of 30 days, at the discretion of our employees and management. Our in store warranty is intended to cover manufacturer defects only, and should not be confused with insurance.

It is recommended that you check your threads (510 connection and atomizers) upon purchase as we cannot warranty threads that can be easily stripped by user. Our staff is happy to install your atomizer for you to ensure proper fitting. In general, it is best to thoroughly inspect items at time of purchase to ensure there are no issues.

As our warranty is backed by our suppliers, the item(s) must meet certain conditions to qualify. Once it is verified that the item(s) qualify for a warranty claim, we will issue an in-store credit which can be used in any of our retail stores.

Mod-Specific Exclusions:
We do not warranty failures related to USB ports on Mods as manufacturers recommened NOT using these ports are primary chargers but rather as software update ports. Heavy to moderate usage of the port for charging can cause shorting issues and generally do not adequately or safely charge the batteries to the degree that a dedicated charger will. The only exception to this are mods that have internal/non-removable batteries wherien using the USB port to charge the device is the only option.

Qualifying Conditions:

  • Screen Stops Working
  • Screen Flickers or is Very Dim
  • Mod won't turn on
  • Causes batteries short
  • Randomly turns power up or down
  • Tank leaks profusely due to vacuum issue
  • Original box with extras must be included

Disqualifying Conditions:

  • Liquid inside electronics
  • Stripped threads (unless identified at time of purchase)
  • Evidence item was dropped or suffered other physical trauma
  • Cracked glass (unless identified at time of purchase)
  • Item has been modified
  • Software update has been applied

Where to take your items
Your item can be returned to VapeHub in Canton, TX in person or via mail to:

680 W Dallas St., Ste 5
Canton, TX 75103

What you will receive
Vape Hub will issue store credit on your account can can be used the same day or stored for future use. Credits from in-store returns may not be used against online orders.

Questions or Comments?
We wanna hear it!

VapeHub, Inc.
680 W. Dallas St., Ste 5
Canton, TX 75103
(972) 971-5965