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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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If you like the smell of flowers and concentrates you'll love our selection of heady glass and accessories compliments of SOBRO Glass Gallery at Vape Hub in Denver Colorado where we have been working with local glass artists and suppliers to bring you this selection.


Dab Rigs

Electronic Dab Rigs

Dab Pens

Carb Caps

Bowls and Bangers

Glass Pipes

Water Pipes

Papers, Wraps and Cones

Carrying Cases

Dab Pen Replacement Atomizers



Dry Herb Vaporizers

Chillums / Bats


Nectar Collectors


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10" Water Pipe Tube Decal


5th Pocket Mini Mod


AF Glassworks Recycler


Alien Hand Pipe


Banger 10mm 45 Flat Top Male


Banger 10mm 90 Flare Bottom Male


Banger 10mm 90 Flat Top Male


Banger 14mm 45 Flat Top Male


Blue Carb Cap


Blunt Holder 5 x 1.5cm Limbo Glass


Boulder Case Company 3000 Series


Boulder Case Company 5000 Series


Bowl 14mm Limbo Glass


Bowl 18mm Limbo Glass


Bowl 9mm Down Stem Limbo Glass


C-Cell Cartridge 1ml with White Tip


Carta Focus V Smart Rig


Chillum 9 x 1cm Blue with Fume and Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 1cm Clear with Fume Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 1cm Green with Fume Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 2cm Heady Limbo Glass


Chillum Slim 9 x .75cm Clear Fumed with Dot and Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Clear Eyes Eye Drops


Crimson Collapsable Bowl Scale


Dab Mat 11 x 8" Simpsons Trick Or Treat


Dabber with Silicone Tip


Dragon Rig Full Kit w/ Case by @Boss_Glass


Electro Dabber Kit


Evolve XL Atomizer


Female Form Hand Pipe


Joint Holder 4.5 x 1cm Limbo Glass


Joint Holder Slim 4 x .75cm Clear Fumed Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Nectar Collector Micro NC Clear


Nectar Collector Quartz Imported


Novelty Grinder


Oilmate Concentrate Tech Lucy Dab Pen


Oilmate Concentrate Tech Lucy Dab Pen Replacement Atomizer


Puffco Peak


Puffco Peak Replacement Atomizer


Randy's Storage Shield 2 x 6"


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