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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Rolling Trays and Dab Mats

Hand Pipe

Water Pipe


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4" Fancy Bubbler (import)


4" Sherlock (Import)


420 Odor Elminator


9" Fancy Bubbler (Import)


Af Glass Works Titty Bo Bitty


AF Glassworks Recycler


Airis Janus Kit


AK-47 Dab Tool


Aledinha Celulose Papers


AWS-201 Digital Scale


Big Bic Lighter


Big Shot Torch


Blue Hammer Bubbler (Import)


Blunt Holder 5 x 1.5cm Limbo Glass


Bowl 9mm Down Stem Limbo Glass


C-Cell Cartridge 1ml with White Tip


Ceramic Nail Female


Chillum (Import)


Chillum 9 x 1cm Blue with Fume and Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 1cm Clear with Fume Tapered Mouthpiece Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 1cm Green with Fume Limbo Glass


Chillum 9 x 2cm Heady Limbo Glass


Clear Eyes Eye Drops


Clipper Lighter


Colorado Grinder


Concentrate attachment (fits ego battery not included)




Dab Mat 6" Round Rick and Morty Portal


Diamond Glass Cleaner


Dugout 1g


Dutch Masters Fusion


Electric Grinder


Electro Dabber Kit


Evolve 2.0 Replacement Pod


Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner 16 oz


Formula Glass Cleaner 4 oz


Fronto Leaf Masters Cream


Glass Character Dab Tool


Glass Dabber Fancy


Glass Poker Penguin


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