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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Jam Monster

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Jam Monster's flavor profiles are based on sweet homemade fruit jam on buttered toast

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Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple (100mL)


Ice Monster Mangerine Guava (100mL)


Ice Monster Mangerine Guava Salt (30mL)


Ice Monster Melon Colada (100mL)


Ice Monster Melon Colada Salt (30mL)


Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple Salt (30mL)


Jam Monster Apple (100ml)

$17.00 $26.00

Jam Monster Blackberry (100ml)


Jam Monster Blackberry Salt


Jam Monster Blueberry (100mL)


Jam Monster Blueberry Salt (30mL)


Jam Monster Grape (100ml)


Jam Monster Mixed Berry


Jam Monster PB&J (100mL)


Jam Monster PB&J Salt (30mL)


Jam Monster Raspberry Salt (30mL)


Jam Monster Strawberry (100ml)


Jam Monster Strawberry Salt (30mL)


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